Beeswax: Where does it come from?

May 20, 2018 vandkhoney

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Ever wonder where beeswax comes from?
Bees have 8 wax producing glands, and bees of a certain age (young bees), excrete a liquid from these glands that hardens when it cools. Beeswax is collected and warmed while it is chewed by the bees and formed to make up the comb structure of the hive. Initially it is clear, but during the chewing process, some pollen and/or propolis gets into the wax which can change the color from white to a light yellow all the way to a dark brown.
When the bees make honey, they dry plant nectar down and use enzymes from their gut to break down the sugars to make it so it doesn’t spoil and is a ready form of calories for the long cold winters. After it has been “cured” the bees cap each cell with some more wax to preserve it for later when plant nectar is scarce to meet the caloric needs of the hive.
In late summer, the beekeeper removes the frames from the hive that store this surplus honey, and shave those cappings off before putting them in a centrifuge, called an extractor to spin the honey out of the frames.
Those cappings that are shaved off can then be recovered, melted down, cleaned up and used to make blocks of beeswax that can then be used in hundreds of different ways, such as products like our pure beeswax candles or our Bee Care Lip Balm.